Ajax is a town of around 100,000 people located approximately 20 minutes east of Toronto. The town was named after the HMS Ajax, a battleship that won a major naval battle against German forces during World War II. The town began to take shape during the war since it was home to the Defence Industries Limited plant, which produced munitions for use in combat. 

Today, the town is made up of a mix of wartime residences, apartment complexes, and various modern projects. Many consider Ajax to be a “bedroom village,” as it is home to a large number of individuals who work in Toronto.

Home & Commercial Mortgage Services Ajax

All Inclusive Mortgages is quite active in Ajax, assisting residents from all across the city with their mortgage needs. Because All Inclusive Mortgages works with over 38 different mortgage lenders, we tend to have greater results with weak credit situations or customers who have been turned down for other reasons. Self-employed individuals and newcomers to Ajax will also benefit from partnering with All Inclusive Mortgages and our ability to provide loans that others cannot.

Mortgage Broker In Ajax

The need for an Ajax Mortgage Broker is greater than ever in 2022, which makes perfect sense considering the tremendous demand for houses in the GTA. Ajax was rising at a pace of roughly 4.15 percent in the years preceding the epidemic. This increase was normal outside of the major GTA center at the time. 

However, the growth rate is now considerably larger since GTA residents have more flexibility in their work schedules and hence need to commute less frequently. This ‘flocking’ to less densely populated cities necessitates larger mortgages and, as a result, higher affordability than the major banks can provide.

Ajax, located in the heart of the Durham area, is a waterfront city with one of the fastest increasing populations in the GTA’s east. It is a developing and varied community with a population of around 135,000 people. This figure is predicted to rise quicker than in previous years, as is the demand for an Ajax Mortgage Broker to assist purchasers in buying a new home.

Popularity, like that of many other expanding towns, comes with a cost, particularly in real estate. Prices in Ajax are remarkably close to those in some of Ontario’s most costly cities as demand rises and supply decreases. The issue is that, while property prices have exploded, buyer wages have not climbed at the same rate… nor have banking criteria altered to allow purchasers to pay more with the same salary.

Many purchasers are abandoning traditional banks in favor of engaging with an Ajax Mortgage Broker like us. The reality is that as Ajax Mortgage Broker, we only have possibilities that the main banks cannot provide you with – options that are more accommodating to the present economic situations. 

As a result, you should never be discouraged if the major banks turn you down. Instead, contact All Inclusive Mortgages, an Ajax Mortgage Broker, and let’s work together to identify some options that will increase your affordability while saving you money. To make your life easier and less stressful, we can finish the full mortgage procedure remotely.